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Sheriff Morein passes away

The longest serving sheriff of Evangeline Parish passed away on Wednesday, February 17, at the age of 81.
Wayne Morein was first elected sheriff in 1991 and served until his retirement in 2008.
Two years after he assumed the duties of the parish’s top law enforcement officer, he hired a young Liz Hill as court deputy.
“He was the first sheriff I ever worked under,” Hill said, “and he taught me a lot. Probably the thing I learned the most from him was if it wasn’t written down then it didn’t happen. We had to document everything. I still, to this day, document everything.”
Hill further recalled Sheriff Morein as being strict on the job. “He came from a military and state police background,” she said. “He ran his office very strict.”
Sheriff Morein was also instrumental in getting 911 to the parish. As Hill said, “He was on the original board for 911. The board started in 1992 even though 911 didn’t come into effect in 1998.”
She continued, “He brought us a lot of insight into 911. He gave us a lot of tips on how the system should work and the best practices we should have.”
The former sheriff also remodeled the old health unit building to accommodate the 911 dispatchers and administrators.
Sheriff Morein’s shadow was cast over more than just 911. Hill said, “He got us out of a financial bind and did it in a short time. He was also able to get the necessary law enforcement that was needed in the parish to help with crime.”
Hill went on to say it is a big personal loss because Sheriff Morein was a close friend and mentor. For the parish, it is a big loss as well because, as Hill said, “he was a good person who could help out in many situations. He had knowledge on a lot of different situations.”

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