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Pine Prairie Police respond to shooting incident

Pine Prairie Chief of Police L.C. Deshotel responded to a shooting incident which occurred in the village that was first reported in the Thursday, October 10, edition of The Ville Platte Gazette.
The following is Chief Deshotel’s response:
“In response to the article published by The Ville Platte Gazette, Mr. Marks was given the information about the incident that occurred and to what occurred. He was advised the shots were fired into the ground and not the air as stated in the article. As for the failure to respond to public information’s request, that request was sent in on October 8, and given the law Pine Prairie Police had three business days to respond. The article in the paper was published before the response deadline.”
“Joseph Chet Soileau, May, 30, 1997, 1145 Gummy Point Road, Ville Platte, was issued a citation for Village Ordinance 2-1962 Discharging a Firearm in Village Limits.”
“On September 30, Pine Prairie Police received a complaint of sounds of shots on Hampton Dupre near 4th Street. Complainant Sky Dauzat stated that a white Ford F150 pulled up to the area and what appeared to be three rounds fired into the ground and the truck drives off. Dauzat stated he believes the truck belongs to Chet Soileau. On October 1, contact was made with Joseph Chet Soileau, and he came into our office for an interview. During the interview, Soileau stated that he did fire three rounds into the ground in that area. On October 4, Dauzat was able to send the video to the Pine Prairie Police where it was reviewed and matched with the statement given by Soileau. Soileau was then issued a citation for violation of Village Ordinance 2-1962 Discharging a firearm inside village limits”
“The case file and citation have been turned over to the Evangeline Parish District Court.”

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