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Campaign announcement: Parish assessor announces intent to seek office of sheriff

In announcing his candidacy for Evangeline Parish Sheriff, Assessor Dirk Deville cited several significant goals.
“As you may be aware,” Deville said in his announcement, “when the sheriff’’s department experienced its recent fiscal collapse, my staff and I were called on to assist. After engaging in an in depth analysis of the agency, we implemented a successful strategy to pay off a $1 million debt and finish the year with a surplus.
A factor of this accomplishment was the acquisition of a $314,000.00 grant as a result of an application I personally prepared and completed. That being given, after visiting so many of you in your homes during this year, I know your concerns.”
Deville’s announcement continued as follows: “I will use my past experience as executive assistant to the lieutenant governor and a two-term state representative, as well as the relationships I’ve developed and maintained in Baton Rouge, to find every grant, fund, and source of revenue accessible to achieve our plan.”
“To move the department forward, we will need to be aggressive and progressive. Within the last two years, I have met with different individuals in an effort to investigate possible funding sources for a new jail. A new jail will generate revenue to properly fund our department being both fiscally beneficial for the taxpayers and productive. It will enable us to ensure our sheriff’s department can put more deputies on the road and improve response times and police presence to deter and hamper criminal activity.”
“Theft is out of control, and, as long as the criminal element is aware of a lack of police presence, they will feel free to do as they please. Building up that police presence must be a priority.”
“We will develop a program to pursue and deter thieves and attack the demand and diminish the need for supply of stolen goods. Furthermore, we will begin a massive plan of surveillance and attack to ensure the ‘safe haven’ mentality of these despicable meth manufacturers is a thing of the past.”
“I’m not going to allow these people to continue producing this poison in our community knowing their intent is to destroy the minds of our youth and turn them into an addict market, for their garbage, on my watch.”
“Also, there are plenty of grants and other sources of funding to develop a program utilizing inmate labor to clean up our community. We can control litter.”
“History tells us hard work delivers the best results. You have my solemn pledge, as your sheriff, I will work hard every day to ensure a better community for you and your family. As I embark on this important journey, I would appreciate your consideration and prayers. Thank you, and may God bless us all.”

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