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VP sets curfew and other restrictions

(Clarification: The limited number of people in the store at one time is at the discretion of the store owner, depending on the size of the store and that social distancing can still be complied with. One person, one buggy means the entire family should not go to the store. One person from the family with one buggy in the store.)

Ville Platte Mayor Jennifer Vidrine, on Sunday, announced a city-wide curfew, effective March 30 for adults, minors, and businesses until further notice. The curfew will be from 9:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. until further notice.
Mayor Vidrine said the curfew will be strictly enforced and asks citizens if they see gatherings of more than 10 people, they can report it using the TIP VILLE PLATTE app or call 911. She said the state police have been notified of the curfew. “This curfew is due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the protection and health of our beloved citizens,” Vidrine stated in a Facebook post. The curfew does not apply to health care workers, but they must show their health care badge or a letter.
Additionally in her Facebook post, Vidrine wrote, “This virus can kill you! We can get through this together if we all cooperate together! Thank you for your understanding and cooperation! Keep praying without ceasing!”
On Monday, Evangeline Parish Police Jury President, Ryan LeDay Williams, said he was considering a curfew for the parish. “I am reaching out to all the municipal leaders throughout Evangeline Parish such as mayors, chiefs of police, our sheriffs’ departments and the D.A.’s office is on board, also. I want to ensure that we are all in favor of a curfew, then I will go from there,” said Williams. He was also concerned about the rising number of COVID-19 cases coming from the parish. “Positive cases are being announced every day in our area. Until we are on lockdown like China, these numbers will continue to rise.” He encouraged everyone to utilize all sanitary and hygiene methods as advised by the CDC to minimize and mitigate the exposure of COVID-19.
Then, on Tuesday, Mayor Vidrine announced all grocery stores in Ville Platte are now limiting the number of people in the store to one person per household at one time until further notice. She said this includes Walmart, Champagne’s, Teet’s, Paul’s, B&S, Cheap & Best, Chad’s Auto Stop, Dollar General stores, Family Dollars, Dollar Tree, Ace Hardware, Industrial Supply, A&A, Exxon, Old L&V, and others. She said there is to be “one person-one buggy. Do not bring the entire family to the store! This is to protect you, the people you love, and others from the coronavirus.”
She said some stores will be working with the public to bring groceries to their vehicles or curb-side pick-up. “Champagne’s, Paul’s, and Teet’s will bring your groceries to your car, if you call ahead. Please cooperate. Be patient. Everyone does not need to go to the store on the same day at the same time.” She also asked citizens to not get angry and “Don’t cut up. Don’t make a scene, because the police will be called. We cannot be in the stores all on top of each other because the virus will spread!”
Mayor Vidrine also asked the public to thank the store owners for agreeing to do this because “they love their customers, their employees, and the citizens.” She added, “Let’s do this together and protect each other together! Let’s be good Christians, good neighbors, and good Ville Platte human beings! Don’t panic! We will get through this together! Pray without ceasing!”

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