Trump Time Saving Americans During Coronavirus Crisis

Over the past month as Louisiana has faced tremendous trial and loss of life – state leaders have cast aside partisan politics and come together to protect our citizens from COVID-19. Our efforts at the local and state levels have been tremendously aided by a President and Federal Government committed to defeating our invisible enemy.

The leadership from President Donald Trump and his Administration during this crisis highlight why so many across our Nation voted for a businessman in 2016 to fix our government and its broken bureaucracy. Today, all Americans are seeing what “Trump Time” means and how it is benefitting all of us.

In Trump Time – obsolete regulatory structures are being obliterated, our borders are being protected, and public-private partnerships are being enacted to expedite response to the Coronavirus crisis.

Just a few short weeks ago, President Trump was faced with an unbelievably difficult decision. Models showed up to two million American souls could be taken by the Communist China virus. Like General Patton in Sicily, the President acted swiftly and ruthlessly by cutting off travel to and from China (and since then, other hotspots). Under the President’s common-sense leadership, we are cutting through this virus like Patton’s Army through Rommel’s Forces.

A marvel of modern governance is the President’s ability to deliver quickly, in Trump Time, that which is desperately needed. Case in point is his AirBridge program that has expedited delivery of critical personal protective equipment (PPE) like gloves, face masks, face shields, and gowns for our Nation’s healthcare providers.

Through public-private partnerships with prominent American medical distributors, the President’s AirBridge program is working in Trump Time to provide these necessary supplies to our medical providers from overseas by plane and thus reducing delivery time, on average, to 24 hours – drastically better than the 33 days of normal shipping process.

Within just a week – the President's AirBridge has resulted in 90 million PPE items delivered to combat the spread of the Wuhan virus, while an additional 150 million more PPE items are expected to arrive in the United States by week’s end. Half of these items are allocated by FEMA to hotspots across the country, with the balance going to the distributors’ existing supply chains like hospitals and nursing homes.

President Trump is proving that real leadership finds solutions, no matter how difficult the cards are stacked against him. Another such example is the speed and deliverability of testing our fellow Americans for COVID-19. The President inherited a failing system equipped to handle less than 100 tests per day. Now, the federal government has provided millions of tests to date, including a newly-manufactured 5-minute test which was approved by the FDA in Trump Time.

What’s more: the President has done this despite the unrelenting attacks from his political opponents and the mainstream media. While local and state officials have come together during this crisis, the pettiness of some in Washington like Charles Schumer has continued. Yet, President Trump has remained laser focused on answers to problems. One need to look no further than the President’s ability to get relief checks to business owners and employees in Trump Time.

Our history has example after example of God giving America the right people for the right jobs at the right time. There is no doubt that Donald Trump as President during this public health emergency is the most recent case of God’s providential touch.

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