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The triumphs of President Trump

I wish I could hone in on all the spectacular moments from President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address Tuesday to spotlight my favorite parts, but unfortunately the entire speech was so impressive that it is hard to pick out what I truly enjoyed hearing him say the most.
Trump managed to address all the major issues we face today in a short but impactful speech. He left no popular topic untouched and covered all bases speaking on New York’s repulsive abortion bill to our country’s dire need for stronger southern border security in the form of a border wall.
Our president also made it a point to recognize United States veterans who served our country nearly 75 years ago during a war that I personally feel is what has made us the great nation we are today - World War II. God bless these Americans.
One of the things I enjoyed most about Trump’s speech was how he seemed to find a way to articulate matters that even Democrats couldn’t resist cheering for, even at a time where our country seems so divided.
Togetherness is what we need to progress and move our country forward. Like Trump said, “Together, we can break decades of political stalemate. We can bridge old divisions, heal old wounds, build new coalitions, forge new solutions, and unlock the extraordinary promise of America’s future.” But he also reminded us that ultimately “the decision is ours to make.”
Therefore in our choice between “greatness or gridlock,” it is time that we as Americans choose “greatness.”
Love him or hate him, the triumphs of Trump’s first two years in office can’t be denied. Like our president pointed out, “wages are rising at the fastest pace in decades, and growing for blue collar workers.” He is giving life to that middle class. Even more impressive is how he has played a role in having nearly five million Americans lifted off food stamps.
His speech spoke to how our president believes in our small businesses, which are often the heart of a community. His actions, as he stated, “virtually ended the estate, or death, tax on small businesses, ranches and family farms.”
Trump has brought jobs back to America, which has resulted in unemployment reaching the “lowest rate in half a century.” Speaking from the House Chamber, Trump said, “African-American, Hispanic-American and Asian-American unemployment have all reached their lowest levels ever recorded. Unemployment for Americans with disabilities has also reached an all-time low.”
This is huge, because it proves that Trump is not just working for one side, but instead he is out to give every person - no matter their race or gender - the opportunity for success.
He has made efforts to transform our justice system through working with both Republicans and Democrats to sign the First Step Act into law, which is changing a system that for decades has seemed to work against those less fortunate. This has reformed sentencing laws that wrongly and disproportionately harmed the African-American community, and will now give those who have been wronged by a system pretending to protect, an opportunity at a life they should have had all along.
When Trump spoke on the issue of stronger border security, I couldn’t help but think back to when a young American man was killed by an illegal immigrant in Evangeline Parish in 2016. It was a drunk driving incident so it wasn’t as violent as some killings you hear about, but nonetheless, it has always made me desire more security at our southern border.
I believe Trump has made it clear that this country is one that wants people to be able to come here and build their American dream. However, like he has preached, immigrants need to come legally.
Some immigrants crossing the border from Mexico bring horrible things such as drugs into our country. That’s the last thing we need because we have our own drug problems to fight.
However, I do recognize some immigrants are legitimately trying to escape a life much worse than the one they would have in our great nation. For those, I pray they will be able to stay strong throughout the process that will allow them to enter our country legally.
Good or bad, illegal immigrants hurt the United States citizens that are busting their butts to make ends meet. These immigrants, like Trump said, create a system where “working class Americans are left to pay the price for mass illegal migration -- reduced jobs, lower wages, overburdened schools and hospitals, increased crime, and a depleted social safety net.”
I work everyday and I work hard, but by the time I reach the age where I can draw social security there most likely will be nothing left for me. People often blame the baby boomers for running our system dry, but the reality is so are illegal immigrants. And, honestly, I’d be okay knowing there was no money left because we gave it to working Americans who paid their share. But, I’m not okay knowing I’ll probably work until I die because our system was run broke by people who never gave what myself and my fellow Americans have given.
And then there was the abortion talk. With the recent passage of New York’s abortion bill “that would allow a baby to be ripped from the mother’s womb moments before birth,” it was expected that this would come up during the State of the Union.
And, like every other topic, Trump delivered just like he needed. He said, “These are living, feeling, beautiful babies who will never get the chance to share their love and dreams with the world.” His strong stance against such a morbid New York bill, has thankfully led our president to ask Congress to pass legislation to prohibit the late-term abortion of children who can feel pain in the mother’s womb.”
All I can say about that is Amen, Amen and Amen!
I also must give Trump praise for spotlighting how far women have come in our country. Like he stated, “And, exactly one century after Congress passed the Constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote, we also have more women serving in the Congress than ever before.”
It is amazing to think that 100 years ago a woman’s voice meant little, but today we have a president that looks to have the voice of both sexes heard. He proved that by stating, “All Americans can be proud that we have more women in the workforce than ever before.”
The theme of unity and removal of discrimination in Trump’s speech were evident. And, those are the themes we should all hope for in our life because it takes a team to be successful.
Our country must become one big team whose colors are red, white and blue.
As Trump said, “This is the time to re-ignite the American imagination. This is the time to search for the tallest summit, and set our sights on the brightest star. This is the time to rekindle the bonds of love and loyalty and memory that link us together as citizens, as neighbors, as patriots.
“This is our future -- our fate -- and our choice to make. I am asking you to choose greatness.
“No matter the trials we face, no matter the challenges to come, we must go forward together.”
And so remember, “We must keep America first in our hearts. We must keep freedom alive in our souls. And we must always keep faith in America’s destiny -- that one Nation, under God, must be the hope and the promise and the light and the glory among all the nations of the world!”

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