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The Marks Post: Thankful for the light

Four hundred years ago, Puritans left religious persecution in England in search of a place to create a colony in the New World. They landed at Plymouth in what is now Massachusetts. Countless others followed, and 13 colonies were ultimately created. Over the next century and a half, these colonists overthrew British rule and gained their independence. The United States of America was born.
It seems as long as we have been a country there has also been controversy. Take into account the Whisky Rebellion when residents in western Pennsylvania protested a federal whisky tax. States rights and the issue of slavery brought about our nation’s greatest controversy as the Civil War pitted states against each other.
Some controversies were spurred on by political corruption under the administration of President Ulysses S. Grant and Calvin Coolidge. The later came about 100 years ago when Secretary of the Interior Albert Bacon Fall was caught accepting bribes in connection with the leasing of federal oil reserves in what became known as the Teapot Dome Scandal.
Today, we are embroiled in a controversy that could shape our nation for the next 400 years. This controversy revolves around the 2020 presidential election as the outcome is yet to be determined. This controversy features corruption that this country has never seen before and stems from a virus that was unleashed on the world from Wuhan, China. This virus, with a 99 point something survival rate, was used to convince millions of Americans to stay home and vote by mail.
Once election night came, it was clear who the winner would be. But, something odd happened. Election workers in several key states stopped counting the votes. The only fathomable reason why is that these election workers saw how many votes the other candidate needed to take the lead. Under the cover of darkness, countless mail-in ballots came pouring in and all in favor of the same candidate.
The mail-in ballots were not the only reason for this latest political corruption as there are reports of election software changing countless votes across the country and reports of sharpies being used in Arizona.
One candidate is already calling himself president-elect, but we still have a long way to go before the Electoral College casts its vote on December 15. I say the president’s legal team needs to create enough reasonable doubt among the electors to send this election to the House of Representatives.
That has been done a few times before in American history. The most famous, or infamous, is the election of John Quincy Adams over Andrew Jackson in 1824.
This nation has withstood all the previous controversies in her history, and, I believe, will endure this one. Even if the election outcome goes in favor of the so-called president-elect, I believe there will still be light at the end of the tunnel. The House of Representatives is narrowly decided as neither side holds an overwhelming majority. The Senate, as well, is narrowly divided and may be 50-50 depending on the outcome of the two runoff elections in Georgia.
True, America has had her dark days, but there is a lot that makes her great. We are the nation that connected two oceans by building the Panama Canal. We are the nation that liberated Europe in World War II. We are the nation that brought about the end of the Cold War.
Great days are still ahead in this one nation under God. Even though our light may be shining dim right now with this election, we are still that “shining city upon a hill.” And that is something to be thankful for.

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