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Another chapter has come and gone, now its time to move on

As some of you may already know, this will be my last column as the sports editor of the Ville Platte Gazette.
I have decided that this chapter of my life has run its course and after six and a half years of covering sports in Evangeline Parish, my time has come to move on.
This decision was not an easy one, but in the long run it is what is best for myself and my family. Those late nights, some of them until 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning, have taken a toll on me, both physically and mentally; especially since I still have a full time job teaching.
Through these past years, I have been able to keep myself in the loop regarding high school sports. This job has fulfilled that desire to stay in touch with the high school sports scene way after my 25 years of coaching on that level.
I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing top notch athletes, but more important top notch young adults, take to the fields and courts of battle year after year. It has been my pleasure to be apart of the ups and downs that these talented players have endured.
There are a ton of people I must thank for getting me here and supporting me during the time I have spent banging out story after story on this computer.
First and foremost, I want to thank God, my Creator, for giving me the small amount of skills needed to do this job. I just hope I have been able to use my talent in the way He would have wanted.
To my wife Yvette and my children Kelsey, Reygan and Sawyer: You have been the rock I have needed to get this job done. There were many nights that I was off covering a game or putting the sports page together and I was not home. None of you complained that I was out doing another job, you just kept on supporting me no matter what.
Thankfully, Yvette was able to come and join me on some of my journeys, even pitching in by taking pictures. I know that is not what you really wanted to do on Friday nights and I know you did it just so that we could share some time together; for that, I am forever grateful.
To Mr. David Ortego, thanks for taking the chance on a retiring coach with some minimal writing skills. Without his belief in me, I would have never been in this position.
To Raymond Partsch III: Thank you for showing me what a true sports editor is. Through your guidance, I was able to hone my skills and hopefully become the writer and editor that served the people of Evangeline Parish. You have been a great mentor and friend.
To my Gazette family: Thank you for accepting me and letting me be apart of your lives. Without these hard-working, caring people, my time here would not have been worth a damn!!
Mr. Garland, thank you for allowing me to stay on when you took over. Your passion for sports allowed me to stay on the course I thought was needed for this paper.
Becky, thank you for being a true friend. No matter what type of mood I was in, you were always there to shine the light of positivity I needed in those rough moments. You have been the sister that I never had.
Jeneane, thank you for guiding me through the all of the office politics and being there to talk to when I needed. I am privileged to say you are my friend.
Kathy, thank you for giving me your knowledge and insight into how a paper should be done and for just being my friend.
Monique, thank you for letting me lean on you when I did not know which way was up. When I first got here, you were a God send in helping me work through the complicated programs we use here. You will always Mo Dog!!
Tony, you are the man. There is no one more suited to be a boss. Your calm, easy demeanor let me thrive at this job. You have been a tremendous help in times when I have called on you.
To Nancy and Jessika, it has been a complete pleasure to work with you. Although, you have not been here for very long, both of you have definitely become part of the family here.
To all of the coaches in the parish, thank you for being so patient with me. You are true professionals and I will always cherish your friendship.
To the readers, thanks for all of the complements I have received over the years. I want to believe that the small amount of talent I may possess has help make this sports section something that you were able to enjoy and have faith in.
I am truly blessed to have been a part of this experience!!!
For the last time, That’s just my opinion!!!

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